Evil Darkius's stuffs:

  • Model Color Space ship
  • Equipped Cannon and Laser
  • Quad Option/ Multiple
  • Shield
  • Missile

List of Evil Darkius's Double Cannons (4):

  • Double
  • Tail-gun
  • Round Laser
  • Auto-aiming

List of Evil Darkius's Lasers with Hyper Lasers (7):

  • Laser (Male: Hyper Light) and (Female: Hyper Shine)
  • Ripple Laser (Male: Cyber Ripple) and (Female: Fiery Ripple)
  • Twin Laser (Male: Twin Needle) and (Female: Twin Arrow)
  • Gravity Bullet (Male: Gravity Plasma) and (Female: Gravity Burst)
  • Thrust Laser (Male: Ionic Thrust) and (Female: Nexus Thrust)
  • Disruptor (Male: Piercing Ray) and (Female: Piercing Solar)
  • Energy Laser (Male: Energy Spark) and (Female: Energy Buzz)

List of Evil Darkius's Quad Options (4):

  • Direction Option
  • Freeze Option
  • Rotate Option
  • Spacing Option

List of Evil Darkius's Shields (4):

  • Shield x2 (Front protection) HP: 7
  • Force-field x1 (Space ship protection of flame) HP: 5
  • Guard x3 (Top and Bottom protection) HP: 7
  • Rolling Shield x2 (Rolling protection) HP: 6

List of Evil Darkius's Missiles (6):

  • Missile x2
  • 2-Way Missile x4
  • Photon Missile x2
  • Rolling Missile x2
  • Spread Bomb x2
  • Psycom Missile x2

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