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File:14 Dark Tamagotchio.pngFile:7 Male Tamagotchi characters.pngFile:A-1.jpg
File:B-1.A.2 Digitalius IIFile:B-1.A.3 Digitalius IIIFile:B-1.A Digitalius
File:B-1.B.2 Mad Forest IIFile:B-1.B.3 Mad Forest IIIFile:B-1.B Mad Forest
File:B-1.C.2 Amphibian IIFile:B-1.C.3 Amphibian IIIFile:B-1.C Amphibian
File:B-1.D.2 Bydo System BetaFile:B-1.D.3 Bydo System GammaFile:B-1.D Bydo System Alpha
File:B-3.A.2 Misty Lady IIFile:B-3.A Misty LadyFile:B-3.B.2 Metallic Dawn II
File:B-3.B Metallic DawnFile:B-3.C.2 Sexy Dynamite IIFile:B-3.C Sexy Dynamite
File:B-5.A Claw ClawFile:B-5.B Golden SelectionFile:B-5.C Platinum Heart
File:B-5.D Diamond WeddingFile:B.X-2 Platonic LoveFile:B.X-4 Arvanche
File:B.X-T DantalionFile:Communitylogo.pngFile:Darkius (Female version).png
File:Darkius (Male version).pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Falchion Beta.jpg
File:Jade Knight.jpgFile:Lord British.jpgFile:O.F-1 Daedalus
File:O.F-3 GarudaFile:O.F-5 KaguyaFile:O.F.X-2 Valkyrie
File:O.F.X-4 SongokuFile:R-100 Curtain Call.jpgFile:R-101 Grand Finale.jpg
File:R-11.A Future WorldFile:R-11.B Peace MakerFile:R-11.S.2 No Chaser
File:R-11.S Tropical AngelFile:R-13.A.2 HadesFile:R-13.A Cerberus
File:R-13.B CharonFile:R-13.T EchidnaFile:R-9.0.2 Ragnarok II
File:R-9.0 RagnarokFile:R-9.A.2 DeltaFile:R-9.A.3 Lady Love
File:R-9.A.4 Wave MasterFile:R-9.A.D-0.3 King's MindFile:R-9.A.D-1.3 King's Mind
File:R-9.A.D.2 PrincedomFile:R-9.A.D.3 King's MindFile:R-9.A.D Escort Time
File:R-9.A.F Morning GloryFile:R-9.A.X.2 Dinner BellFile:R-9.A.X Delicatessen
File:R-9.A ArrowheadFile:R-9.A Arrowhead - R-Type FinalFile:R-9.B.2 Stayer
File:R-9.B.3 SleipnirFile:R-9.B StriderFile:R-9.C War-Head
File:R-9.D.2 Morning StarFile:R-9.D.H.2 Hot ConductorFile:R-9.D.H.3 Concertmaster
File:R-9.D.H Grace NoteFile:R-9.D.P.2 AsanogawaFile:R-9.D.P.3 Kenrokuen
File:R-9.D.P HakusanFile:R-9.D.V.2 Northern LightsFile:R-9.D.V Tears Shower
File:R-9.D Shooting StarFile:R-9.E.2 Owl LightFile:R-9.E.3 Sweet Luna
File:R-9.E.R.2 Unchained SilenceFile:R-9.E.R Powered SilenceFile:R-9.E Midnight Eye
File:R-9.F AndromaliusFile:R-9.K Sunday StrikeFile:R-9.Leo.2 Leo II
File:R-9.Leo LeoFile:R-9.S.k.2 DominionsFile:R-9.S.k Principalities
File:R-9.S Strike BomberFile:R-9.W.B Happy DaysFile:R-9.W.Z Disaster Report
File:R-9.W Wise ManFile:R-99 Last Dancer.jpgFile:R-Type & Gradius Fan-base Logo.jpg
File:R.X-10 AlbatrossFile:R.X-12 Cross The RubiconFile:Super Cobra.png
File:T.L-1.A IasonFile:T.L-1.B AsklepiosFile:T.L-2.A.2 Neoptolemos
File:T.L-2.A AchilleusFile:T.L-2.B.2 HyllosFile:T.L-2.B Herakles
File:T.L-T ChironFile:T.L.2.A.T Patrocross AvianFile:T.P-1 Scope Duck
File:T.P-2.H POW Armor IIFile:T.P-2.M FrogmanFile:T.P-2.S Cyber Nova
File:T.P-2 POW ArmorFile:T.P-3 Mr. HeliFile:T.W-1 Duckbill
File:T.W-2 Kiwi BerryFile:T.X-T EclipseFile:Vic Viper.jpg
File:Vixen.jpgFile:Wii U Touch Pad & Laptop DS Windows Pro II.pngFile:Wiki.png

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